AVC0X - No signals out on my macOS.
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AVC0X - No signals out on my macOS.

More similar questions are frequently met by users, like: 
  1. I can not get my VHS tapes played on ArcSoft.
  2. I can only get Audio, there is no Video.
  3. I can only get Video, there is no Audio.

Most of the time these kinds of issue are arised by Converter AV Cable. Because USB Video
Capture Only Accepts RCA x 3 (Male) cable or S-Video Cable. Let's following the guidance
to solve your issue

To Varify the issue Please check by the following steps.
A. Please check if you are using the latest "ezcap VideoGrabber OS X 1.6.1.dmg"
B. Check the Blue LED lights on.
C. Varify the macOS read the USB Video Capture correctly.

You must connect USB Video Capture's USB Port on your macBook in advance, and Connect
 VHS device or other Video Device with USB Video Capture's RCA Port or S-Video + L/R RCA

 1. Choose "About this Mac" from the Apple menu on the top left corner of your main screen
 2. Click on "More Info..."
 3. Click on "System Report…"
 4. The System Information application will open
 5. Select the USB information from the Hardware category as shown in the screenshot:
 6. In the USB devices list, locate the USB VIDBOX FW Audio device.


D. Check your VHS Device or Other Video Device can output Video correctly to TV.

Some device requires a RCA Convert Cable, like 
 1. Sony Digital Handicam DCR-TRV15E requires original 3.5mm AV to RCA x 3 cable.
 2. Phillips VR 330/ 07 requires Original Aereal to SCART Cable.
 3. Sony DCR-TRV 340E only works with Sony I.Link cable.

 while some device has only 2 x RCA Video Cable.No matter what kind of AV Cable, the
 USB Video Capture only accepts RCA x 3 or S-Video + L/R RCA Connections.

 In this case, please prepare the right AV Cable in advance. And please check directly
 on your TV to make sure the Converting AV Cable has the right signals out.

Some device requires SCART Connector, we suggest Top-Longer EURO SCART to RCA.

SCAN for Reference