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    ♫ COMPACT & VERSATILE: This instrumental microphone kit by Top-Longer is designed for just about any set of drums or other musical instruments & the Compact size of the microphones makes it ideal for close recording.

    ♫ WELL MADE: You don't have to worry about cheap plasticky mics here. These are metal, VERY well made! And HIGH PERFORMANCE: Each Microphone piece is tuned to capture everything from low end punch to sensitive / flat sound. The big drum microphone is designed for bass drums & low frequency instruments, the small drum mic is for Tom & snare drums & the overhead condenser mics are for cymbals, pianos, & vocals.

    ♫ COMPATIBILITY: Each instrument microphone is designed with the standard thread 3/8" or 5/8" to match all types of microphone stand. Drum mount is also universal & can be attached to most drum rims. All mics comes with standard XLR connectors to allow compatibility with most audio instruments.

    ♫ ROAD READY: The hard ABS case (included) has a padded lining with cut-outs to keep your mics safe.

    ♫ INCLUSIONS: One big drum mic, 4 small drum mics; 2 condenser mics with the holder; 4 thread clip & thread inserts, 4 clamps for snare/tom mics.

    Versatile Instrument Microphone Kit:
    This musical instrument microphone kit is designed for just about any set of drums or other musical instruments. Capture the crisp snap of a snare, the full body of toms, vivid thumps of kick drums, and the natural presence of hand drums.

    Professional Performance:
    To maximize performance, each model microphone is designed to capture a specific sound emitted by the musical instrument. The big drum microphone is designed for bass drums and low frequency musical instruments due to its exceptional frequency response. This microphone is tuned accurately to capture low-end punch. The small drum microphone is ideal for Tom-Toms and snare drums.
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Top-Longer 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Kit-Kick Bass, Tom/Snare & Cymbals Microphone Set-for Drums, Vocal, Other Instrument
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