How to Set the 7.1 Sound Card
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How to Set the 7.1 Sound Card

The 7.1 USB Sound Card Requires Driver Installation on Windows OS Before Using It. 

I - Driver Installation on Windows 10.
1. Install driver.
2. Unzip the Driver To Your Computer.
3. Connect the U2AUDIO7-1 via USB Cable.
4. Double-Click the Setup.exe.
5. Click Yes or No as per the Installation Guide.
6. Re-start the Computer.

II - Verify the Connection of the 7.1 USB Sound Card at Device Manager.
1. Connect the U2AUDIO7-1 With Your Computer.
2. Open Device Manager. You can see "USB Sound Device" at the Sound, video and game controllers.

III - Setting the 7.1 USB Sound Card.
1. Click the 7.1 USB Sound Card Audio Output and Effect.

2. The Stereo Audio Output Settings.
Note - The Audio Channel Switching Takes a Little Time by Windows 10.

Please Make Sure of That System Input & Analog Output Must Be the Same Settings.

Why I Can Not Hear the 2.1 Sound
1. Check the Driver Installed Correctly at Device Manager.
2. Check if the VOL Mute Button Is Activated.

My Settings Are Alright, Why Can Not Get Stereo Sound from HEADPHONES jack.
Windows' Audio Setting Is Not Changed. Please Re-Start Your PC After Settings.

Check Media Player Disabled the Audio.

The Media Player Selected the Wrong Output Sound Device.